Saving memory by disabling bleed

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Saving memory by disabling bleed

Post by luppa »

Hi everybody!

I've been trying out DrumGizmo with Reaper in Win7, DRSkit 2.1. After some performance issues (with low latency settings, the audio interface starts to snap, cracle and pop if I hit too many drums at once or almost at once) I tried to disable some of the bleed channels. I want the drums sound only from the room, overhead and it's own channel, and I figured if I cut down the loaded and replayed samples, I can either get the whole set to fit in a smaller amount of memory, or get rid of some of the performance issues.

I tried to disable bleed from the interface, and I also started making my own modified drumset, where I cut out the bleed samples from the xml files.
But my modified kit takes up the same amount of memory than the unmodified one. Does DrumGizmo load up the whole multichannel wav files regardless? Should I start to chop up the multichannel wavs to smaller files and edit the xml files accordingly, or is there anything else I can do?

As a small example of what I did I'll attach snippets of a couple xml files showing how I edited the Snare instrument.

Code: Select all

from file DRSKit_basic_edited.xml
<instrument name="Snare" file="Snare/Snare_edit.xml">
      <channelmap in="AmbL" out="AmbL"/>
      <channelmap in="AmbR" out="AmbR"/>
      <channelmap in="OHL" out="OHL"/>
      <channelmap in="OHR" out="OHR"/>
      <channelmap in="Snare_bottom" out="Snare_bottom" main="true"/>
      <channelmap in="Snare_top" out="Snare_top" main="true"/>
 from file Snare/Snare_edit.xml
 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<instrument version="2.0" name="Snare">
  <sample name="Snare-1" power="0.037478">
   <audiofile channel="AmbL" file="samples/1-Snare.wav" filechannel="1"/>
   <audiofile channel="AmbR" file="samples/1-Snare.wav" filechannel="2"/>
   <audiofile channel="OHL" file="samples/1-Snare.wav" filechannel="6"/>
   <audiofile channel="OHR" file="samples/1-Snare.wav" filechannel="7"/>
   <audiofile channel="Snare_bottom" file="samples/1-Snare.wav" filechannel="9"/>
   <audiofile channel="Snare_top" file="samples/1-Snare.wav" filechannel="10"/>
  <sample name="Snare-2" power="0.104805">
   <audiofile channel="AmbL" file="samples/2-Snare.wav" filechannel="1"/>
   <audiofile channel="AmbR" file="samples/2-Snare.wav" filechannel="2"/>
   <audiofile channel="OHL" file="samples/2-Snare.wav" filechannel="6"/>
   <audiofile channel="OHR" file="samples/2-Snare.wav" filechannel="7"/>
   <audiofile channel="Snare_bottom" file="samples/2-Snare.wav" filechannel="9"/>
   <audiofile channel="Snare_top" file="samples/2-Snare.wav" filechannel="10"/>
..and so on

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Re: Saving memory by disabling bleed

Post by deva »

The bleed control slider will still play back the samples of the bleed channels, even if set to 0, so this cannot be used to reduce the CPU usage.

Stripping the bleed channels from the drumkit entirely as you did would reduce the CPU usage. You cannot see a reduction in the memory used when the kit has been loaded, because the amount of memory to use for preloading is simply spread across the available samples in the kit.
If for example there are 100 samples and you set the slider to 100MB, then each sample will be preloaded 1MB. If you then reduce the number of samples to 50, then each sample will be preloaded 2MB.
If you remove the channels from the instrument file, as you did in your example, the sample data will not be preloaded for those channels, nor will they be played when the corresponding sample is being played.

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Re: Saving memory by disabling bleed

Post by luppa »

OK, thanks for the info!

I was checking out the memory usage from Reaper's Performance window, I put the slider in Drumgizmo's UI to about 2000MB and both the original (DRSKit_basic) and my modified version of it seemed to eat up about 1500MB, so I assumed they both had loaded up completely, but I tried a second time by putting the slider to about 3000MB and both sets took up more memory. I'll see what happens when I edit every instrument in the set.

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