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Add links to

Post by BrnVrn »

The site ... gs=drumkit
Could be a good link to point to to gather multiple sources. This page could add a link to it:

I have no interest in this site! Note it is Ad-Free! and maybe (surely) there are others, but the idea to be able to find DrumGizmo Drumkits in a single place with ratings, news and so on seems great (to me)

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Re: Add links to

Post by deva »

Musical Artifacts are run by people from the linux audio community so it should be as "libre" as one would hope for :-)
Currently they pick up information about our drumkits releases themselves but we could certainly do a more active push of information about new drumkit releases to ensure the kit information is up to date on their site.

In the long term we would like to do a community-driven site of our own for hosting drumkits with comments, voting, etc. also including kits from the users themselves.

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