[solved] DrumGizmo output fan out messed up in Ardour

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[solved] DrumGizmo output fan out messed up in Ardour

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I am almost sure that's not a problem in DrumGizmo itself, but I still post here in case someone already had the same problem.

I have configured the session to output DG channels to Audio mono buses, and then all those 16 buses to another Drums audio bus (master Drums bus).

In my session, the channels do not correspond to the real channels explained in the loaded drumkit (aasimonster2 in my case).
The following screenshot shows the issue: https://i.imgur.com/LARwYRe.png
and here is the routing part https://i.imgur.com/KLXw4LA.png

When I hit the snare with bleed set to 0%, the correct channels 3 to 5 are triggered on DG output but audio buses are not the right ones (11 to 13).

Maybe I did something wrong but I can't find out what...

Edit: I finally found the problem. On the drumgizmo midi track, the fader was changing the audio buses fan out.... I have simply bypassed it and all is ok.

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