Mic ch names show up in CLI but not with plugin

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Mic ch names show up in CLI but not with plugin

Post by DrumTimo »

I am using a Yamaha DTXpress II kit as a midi source for playing Drumgizmo live. The environment I use is AVLinux 2020 05.

When I start Drumgizmo from the CLI Qjackctl shows the names of each microphone and it is easy to connet them to approprate channels in Jack-mixer. However, when I use Carla and start Drumgizmo as a plugin, qjackctl only shows input numbers for each microphone, and it is a pain in the but to find right channels.

Is there a way to make the Drumgizmo plugin work as nicely as the CLI instance?


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Re: Mic ch names show up in CLI but not with plugin

Post by deva »

This is a limitation in the plugin APIs, which doesn't allow for setting the port names dynamically at runtime.

It is possible to set the port names at startup time (ie. initially when the plugin is being loaded into Carla) but at that point in time, the drumkit has not yet been loaded from disk, so the plugin does not know what the names of the ports should be yet.
Once the drumkit has been loaded (usually after a few milliseconds) the host has already set the names internally and is not able to change them even if the plugin told it to.

We have been working with the LV2 developers for many years trying to find a decent solution to this problem, but so far without luck. I am willing to give it another go though, since this is as you mention, a very annoying issue. So maybe in a few years a solution will pop up - but don't get your hopes up too high ;)

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