Interactive drums GUI to send MIDI messages

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Interactive drums GUI to send MIDI messages

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First of all, thank you for Drumgizmo! Have you considered adding a GUI to the LV2 plugin which would render "clickable" drums that would send MIDI messages? There's discussion about this for AVLdrums as well: ... ugin/89485

It's a great way to fastly lay out initial drum tracks/ideas of such. Other apps like Bandlab already have this feature.
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Re: Interactive drums GUI to send MIDI messages

Post by deva »

The first half of this feature is actually already in DrumGizmo. It was added in version 0.9.17 under the name of "Clicky Kit": ... zmo-0.9.17
It requires the drum-kits to support it though and to the best of my knowledge not many do yet.

It only sends "internal" messages, so there is currently no way to read those messagaes back into the DAW.

I will add it to the roadmap though, because it is a pretty cool idea :-)
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