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OverTone DSP Plug-ins Available for Raspberry Pi

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:41 pm
by mike@overtonedsp
There are some experimental builds of the OverTone DSP plug-ins suitable for ARM CPUs / Raspberry Pi available to download from the beta area of the OverTone DSP website

These have been tested on a Raspberry Pi 3 with hifiberry DAC Pro running Ubuntu 16.04 MATE for Raspberry Pi

with Tracktion / Waveform8 for Raspberry Pi as the host application.

Builds of Ardour4 are also available for Raspberry Pi, from the Ubuntu MATE repos, however we found Ardour a little unreliable and CPU heavy as a host application (even without any plug-ins). It's possible a better optimized build of a more recent version may fair better.

For anyone wanting to experiment with a Pi 3 based setup, it's quite amazing what it's possible to do with such inexpensive hardware, however as usual, some tweaks may be necessary. We found setting the CPU to 'performance' to be beneficial, together with disabling the desktop window compositor.

Re: OverTone DSP Plug-ins Available for Raspberry Pi

Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 6:32 pm
by mike@overtonedsp
Update: The OverTone DSP plug-ins for Raspberry Pi 3 have now been released, a 'Pi Plug-ins Pack' is available to download containing trial versions, the full versions can be purchased for £35.00 excl VAT / Sales taxes. Existing activation key files for the Windows, Mac or Linux plug-ins should also be valid for the Raspberry Pi versions, however the Pi Pack is suitable for Raspberry Pi only.

The plug-ins have been developed and tested using a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu MATE 16.04 for RPi, with Tracktion / Waveform 8 as the host application. A suitable LinuxVST host application is required.

Additionally, the AF210 Graphical EQ Plug-in requires support for OpenGL. It may be necessary to refer to your distribution for details about installing and configuring OpenGL support.