Arduino/raspberry midi board ?

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Arduino/raspberry midi board ?

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Hey guys I would like to try making my own midi board/footcontroller.
It will be placed in either a homemade steelcase or inside the case of an old broken slightly customized board/pedal. Haven't decided yet.
First of all I need to figure out how to make it work and what to put inside.
I need something with 4+ presets, bank up/down, tap tempo and a jack for an expression pedal.
It doesn't need a display at first, but I would probably like to upgrade later on and add in a simple oldschool two digit clock-type display, if I can make it work.

My main priority is something that is robust and reliable for live use and of course having some fun learning something new.

How would you do it?
Guides/schematics/turtorials on this are most welcome.
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Re: Arduino/raspberry midi board ?

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Re: Arduino/raspberry midi board ?

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