OscPocketD/Drums - a new firmware for the OPD platform

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OscPocketD/Drums - a new firmware for the OPD platform

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OPD - the Daisy Pocket Platform - combines the Electosmith Daisy Seed with a 16x2 LCD Keypad to make a simple, inexpensive and portable audio tool running open source software.

Currently the OPD has several different applications (firmwares):
OscPocketD/Base - A multi-fx tool with a two voice synth, CV/GATE in and out
OscPocketD/Drums - An 8 track drum machine with sequencer, sync and several tweakable sounds
OscPocketD/Synth - A portable beat/song-making tool (no CV/GATE support yet)
OscPocketD/Sampler- A sampler and sampleplayer, CV/GATE in and out
OscPocketD/VASynth - A MIDI virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer

The OPD/Drums features:
8 drum tracks
sequencer with up to 64 steps, adjustable track length
adjustable accent
save/load sounds and sequences in 16 slots
internal adjustable tempo
external sync
sync out
trig mode to control 4 sounds with external trig signal

The OPD/Drums sequencer features 8 drum tracks with many adjustable sound parameters:
3 types of bass/kick (analog, synthetic, OPD) with delay and overdrive
snare with delay and overdrive
hihat open/closed with delay
crash with delay
ride with delay
clap with delay
tom hi with delay
tom lo with delay

The OPD family is free software/open source!
Download, build, learn, modify, improve and share!

Demo: https://youtu.be/2T_-rj1OqdM
MusE DAW running on Debian 11 Stable/XFCE4.
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