My very own drumkit, pipedream?

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My very own drumkit, pipedream?

Post by OccinticLady »

Hi all,
This sorta a DIY question.
I use Hydrogen as drumkit. Some argue there is better, until that time, I have to use Hydrogen.
It works.
Today, I got a drumkit in the house. Basically a toy with 4 pads and two "discs"...until you hook up the MIDI, then that thing gets serious.
However, to get a correct sound from the corresponding pad, one has to rearrange the loaded kit. And that does not persist (unless I can do a Save As...that I did'nt find yet)
However...the top of the plan is to make my own drumkit...
Anyone ventured into that?
Any hints?
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Re: My very own drumkit, pipedream?

Post by TAERSH »

You can do your own drum kit in Hydrogen by the use of your own samples.
I did it once for Hydrogen, but can't recall exactly the steps.

You can do also your own drum kit via fluidsynth .sf2 files by the use of your own samples.
As for the creation of .sf2 files Polyphone is a great tool for beginners.
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Re: My very own drumkit, pipedream?

Post by milo »

There are good tools for making your own Hydrogen drumkit from samples. I described the process for a specific sample library here: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=17030&p=99585&hili ... gen#p99585, but you could easily use your own samples.
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Re: My very own drumkit, pipedream?

Post by LAM »

For a way to do it inside Hydrogen refer to the manual: ... al_en.html

Code: Select all

9.2.Creating a New Drumkit

In the next paragraphs we will show you how to create a complete drumkit. Keeping in mind the 'Soundlibrary hierarchy' (see Figure�2.12) we will use a top-down approach, so we will start at the Drumkit level and work our way down to the samples.

Creating a new drumkit with Hydrogen is done with the Instrument Editor. You can load samples, set envelope parameters, set the gain, and other advanced features like mute groups, a low-pass resonance filter, and pitch randomization.

TIP : Instead of creating your own drumkit, you can also use or download existing drumkits using the Section�8.

Lets make a brand new drum kit :

    select Instruments → "Clear All" . This will give you a bank of 32 blank instruments. To delete instruments, right-click on on each instrument and select "Delete Instrument". To add more instruments, select Instruments → "Add instrument" .

    Select an instrument to start editing it. This is done by left-clicking on the name of the instrument in the instrument list (at the left). You will notice that the name of the instrument in the Instrument Editor matches the one that you clicked.

    Once you have your drum kit working the way you want, select Instruments → "Save library" . You will be prompted for the name of the kit to save. If you wish to overwrite an existing kit, you will need to type in the same name as the kit that you want to replace.

    Drumkits are automatically stored in the data directory (i.e. $HOME/.hydrogen/data/drumkits).

    To export a drumkit (for sharing with others), it must first be loaded into your Sound Library. Then, select Instruments → "Export library" from the menu. Select the drum kit that you wish to export, and give it a file name to save it to.

If you like to do things at "low level" there is this tutorial on how to make your own Hydrogen drumkit: ... and-profit
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