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This is not a DIY project of mine. wrote:Gizmo is the codename for an open source MIDI utility device which targets the Arduino Uno or Mega. It can do at least this:

  • Full-featured Arpeggiator
  • Full-featured General-Purpose Step Sequencer
  • Full-featured Drum Machine-style Step Sequencer
  • Small Note Recorder
  • Capable MIDI Gauge or Monitor
  • Small two-button, two-pot MIDI Controller
  • 8-stage Loopable Control Envelope and Random/S&H LFO
  • Keyboard Splitter
  • Thru facility with Channel Merging, Chord Memory, Debouncing, Multichannel Note Distribution, Channel Blocking, and Note Replication
  • Measure and Beat Counter
  • MIDI NRPN/CC/Sysex Converters for Blofeld, Matrix 1000, Microsampler, and TX81Z

  • MIDI In and Out
  • NRPN, CC, and by-Note Control of Gizmo
  • Swing
  • Bypass
  • Additional control via joysticks and other pots
  • Tempo and Note Speed
  • MIDI Clock Control, Filtering, and Division
  • Click Tracks
  • Transposition and Volume Modulation
  • Storage for 10 Arpeggios and 2 (Uno) or 9 (Mega) Sequences / Recordings
The Uno can contain a single application from the above list. The Mega can hold all of them at once (get a Mega!). I have not tested Gizmo's capabilities on other Arduino platforms, though I know that other people have.
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