ubuntu Intel Compute Stick

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ubuntu Intel Compute Stick

Post by wayneward »

had a ubuntu Intel Compute Stick in a draw i had given up on the performance was terrible basically un-useable
i needed headless guitar / vocal box for a guitar and vocal effects box with the maybe addition of linux shopw player or qlc plus depending when i get test see if i max out the CPU's or ram
i tried a live antergos installer usb but that didnt work seem to hang so managed to get the stick to boot from a archbang live usb and started gparted and kept the uefi partition but removed all the other partitions and made a 1 gig swap and the rest for root and got a full working arch install which i have to say its instant! and fast boot up i had jack running with a dummy interface and guitarix loaded with effects using no resources hardly! the wifi has connected perfect so im looking at making that a access point so i can connect gui-tarixdroid for jams put the droid in my iclip on the mic stand and switch effects and use the FCB1010 using midi on big shows.
im just compiling linux-rt which will take a while once that completes ill plug in my mini interface and make sure that works then install carla and test them both at the same time...

but if you bought one of these or are looking for a solution for a good headed / headless system they are quite a good price with the option to run headed or headless as you can buy 7in screens with hdmi for around 35 on ebay! the sticks are going for around 40/50 upwards with a totally better spec than a raspberry!

any questions or screens shots please feel to ask its work in progress...

hint if you are look at arch bang make sure when you add yaourt to install linux-rt add a tmp folder say in your homw folder as its only 500m default in tmp and fails .. and make sure you have base-devel installed or it while fail most compiles!
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Re: ubuntu Intel Compute Stick

Post by gulitza »

I was wondering if you managed to accomplish what you wanted.
I have the same resources as you and would like to do the same...
Please let me know if you did it!
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