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Post by raboof »

On stage you don't want to have to use flimsy buttons, but stand on a solid footswitch.

What do you guys recommend for that? I've heard good things about the Behringer FCB-1010 but it seems like rather overkill. Any other recommendations?

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Re: Footswitches

Post by j_e_f_f_g »

Is this for use with a computer? If so, a USB pedal may be cheaper and integrate better with software. I've been using the very rugged and reliable Scythe 3-pedal unit ( ... =82&chn=ps) for several years. And one pedal is my piano sustain, so it gets constantly pressed for hours. Very gig-worthy. I've even dropped it on cement floors and taken chips out of the plastic casing, and it still works.

Can't say the same about 2 behringer products I bought, both having malfunctioned. I won't gig with that brand.

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Re: Footswitches

Post by Natelok »

Super Late to this Party, but I think it's worthwhile info, so here goes.

I just bought a Behringer FC1010 and I've been running a Behringer UMC404HD for nearly a year with no problems, but I've also had behringer gear arrive dead in the box, cos part of the low cost is low quality control. I had to send back two mixers before I got a working one, but I have a headphone Amp and a bunch of DI boxes, Guitar pedals and a PA from them and they're all excellent value for money.

I also built an arduino based Pedalboard but expression pedals turned out to be really hard to fabricate at home and more expensive than the fc1010 to buy in kit form. So my arduino is getting converted into a kind of desk top effects control based on a live DJ setup for jungle breaks and dub with some reggae bashed in.

So the diy route is fun, but a pre-built midi class compliant foot controller is worth the money, so easy to program for guitarix or that commercial one, I forget the name, LibGFX or ampLib or something like that, it's 40 bucks and cross platform. I prefer guitarix lv2 in Carla or Guitarix standalone to every other Amp software I've ever tried, I don't bother with anything that won't run on Linux so I don't know about guitar rig or amplitube or those kinds, but I'm sure they're easy enough too. But the fc1010 is fully internally programmable too, so you can make it do anything you like without any software. I love mine. I use it partly for stop start transport for hands off recording, mostly for guitarix and when live looping to trigger special in luppp (and I have an akai mpc40mkii coming in December for luppp as well.
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