external dac and use 5.1 sound card with an ubuntu PC

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external dac and use 5.1 sound card with an ubuntu PC

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Hello, I use an Ubuntu as a multimedia interface, and I buy an external dac of good cality to optimize the cality of the sound. I would like to keep my 5.1 sound card which allows me to broadcast and equalize my favorite music in my house.
Can someone tell me if with Jackaudio or other it is possible to decode the sound with the dac before it goes into the sound card ...
I wondered if by plugging the dac on the original sound card and reconnecting it on the external input of my old X-Fi I could take advantage of all the advantages it gives me.
I hope you will understand my translated English ...
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Re: external dac and use 5.1 sound card with an ubuntu PC

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It is not 100% clear what you are trying to do, but I am pretty sure the answer is no.

The 5.1 sound card is also a DAC, one with 6 analog outputs.

If your external DAC sounds better and you only need 2 channels of output you can use that. If you need all 5+1 channels from the internal card you can use that. There is no way to combine the two in a way that will give you the better sound of the external card with all 6 channels of output from the 5.1 card.

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