SFZ Format Drum Kits (Costs money)

Link to good samples/soundfonts at http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/free_audio_data

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SFZ Format Drum Kits (Costs money)

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Something else I found:

https://www.kvraudio.com/news/resonance ... kits-47748

Resonance Sound releases Techno Maschinen - Multi-Format Drum Kits
14th February 2020
Resonance Sound has launched their newest Drum Kits collection of rare modular drum synthesizers such as Metasonix D-1000, Erica's Techno System, Blck_Noir, Air-Base-99 and more - Techno Maschinen.


108 drum kits.
1,728 drum samples.
All samples are properly named and also sorted by category.
100+ MIDI Drum Patterns.
Supported formats:
Battery 3+.
Kontakt 5+.
Ableton Live 9+.
Maschine 2+.
Geist & Geist Lite 1+.
All SFZ & WAV compatible samplers.
Price: 34.95 € incl. VAT.

Read more at www.resonance-sound.com

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Re: SFZ Format Drum Kits (Costs money)

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It is great that some samplekits are in SFZ format!
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