Any active torrents with g-town-chirch gig archive?

Link to good samples/soundfonts at

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Any active torrents with g-town-chirch gig archive?

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While serfing in search for newer/better instrument banks, i decided to update/redownload g-town-chirch-samples-gig, because some of its archives appeared to be broken (xarchiver says - not a tar archive). I managed to find working links to both torrent file and single zip archive, but when i run torrent, there seems to be no activity - i waited several minutes, before to just download zip archive.
They are here:

Do you think, it makes sence to stay in that torrent with this project just to keep working, or it is now obsoleted by various SSO, VSCO, VPO3, etc?

(i'm not sure, that torrent with just one participant will be better, that just downloading the archive)

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