Getting my hands dirty with Linuxsampler

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Getting my hands dirty with Linuxsampler

Postby barbouze » Mon May 29, 2017 5:13 pm


I've been using LinuxSampler with ready made sample banks and I'm now considering creating some myself but need some guidance for a specific case.

I have a 1 bar/4 beats loop @138 BPM.
- is there a way to automatically adjust its pitch/playback speed so it will perfectly loop at other BPMs? Automatically like "the LV2 plugin is getting the DAW tempo and do the calculation by itself after reading the sample information"
- is there a way to do the above AND keep the original pitch by timestretching?
- is there a way to do timestretching for BPM matching AND play with pitch-shift in real time thanks to MIDI pitch wheel?

And the bonus question, what engine should I use for this? Gig? SFZ?

Many thanks!

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Re: Getting my hands dirty with Linuxsampler

Postby Michael Willis » Tue May 30, 2017 7:00 pm

I'm going to guess that the features you want are outside the scope of what Linuxsampler is designed for, but regardless you still may be able to accomplish what you're trying to do. As for GIG and SFZ, I would suggest SFZ since it is a plain text format that you can modify with any text editor. I don't know how GIG files are produced, but it seems like it would be harder to work with.

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