NKSP and linuxsampler

Link to good samples/soundfonts at http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/free_audio_data

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Re: NKSP and linuxsampler

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That was kind of the point I was trying to make. NKSP is not KSP so all this talk about licencing is irrelevant.

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Re: NKSP and linuxsampler

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stanlea wrote:So why is this discussion focused on the Kontakt format ?
Cos shills shill.

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Re: NKSP and linuxsampler

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You really should be having this chat with one of their business representatives,
to establish accurate boundaries, and explore possible cooperations.
I don't want to sell instruments anyway. If I made instruments, I would release them opensource and for free. But the goal of this topic is to compare the capabilities of KSP and NKSP, not to ponder on licensing issues.

I should add that law does not depend on the point of view of Kontakt...
I wouldn't want to walk into court armed with " Instead of defining a completely new script language, NKSP is leaned on that mentioned properiatary script language. "
I would because I am pretty sure I would win. There is no "proprietary language script" ; anybody can implement a compiler/interpreter language if the specification is available, and it has been done for "commercial languages" for which a proprietary implementation only existed. See this quora post for more insights. And it's not a trademark issue either as it's called NKSP, not KSP.
So why is this discussion focused on the Kontakt format ?
Maybe because one of the few sampling format where you have scripting possibilities, and so it's relevant to try to compare KSP and NKSP to see what you can do and not do with these scripting languages. The licensing talk is indeed irrelevant in my opinion.
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