How to make SFZ files

Link to good samples/soundfonts at

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Re: How to make SFZ files

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tavasti wrote:
Capoeira wrote:
antiesen wrote::wink: seven years later
I'm contribuiting to a better world lol
This pops up in google if you search for it.
Though Polyphone only seams to create sf2 though, it works nice
Doesn't polyphone create also sfz nowdays?
I could load and edit them,
but when I created a SF from screatch I didn't find the option

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Re: How to make SFZ files

Post by antiesen »

Capoeira wrote:
I'm contribuiting to a better world lol
and that is the most honorable intention
This was made to end all partys - Einstürzende Neubauten 1985

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Re: How to make SFZ files

Post by GMaq »


So late to the party but AV Linux has come with rockhopper's MakeSFZ scripts as a Thunar custom action for years as detailed in the user manual pages 55-57:

The raw scripts are here on github:

These interactive scripts are very handy even if just used to generate an initial SFZ file with everything mapped out to tweak further by hand. The AVL-Drumkits began life with these scripts. Polyphone (also included in AV Linux) definitely converts SFZ-SF2, I am under the impression that it will do both conversions if you select 'Save As' but I primarily use it to take SFZ's and make them into the more compatible SF2 format..

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Re: How to make SFZ files

Post by Audiojunkie »

Since this "Necro-thread" has been brought back to life, I figured I ought to mention what I believe is the best site available for SFZ related information:

I hope someone finds this useful! :)

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