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Re: The state of sample players on Linux

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:30 am
by Gooberpatrol66
stanlea wrote:
lfz wrote:
TheSafePlaces wrote:A blog has been made for news/tracking progress -

Is this project paused/abandoned? This is something I'd love to see happen and would be willing to contribute.

It's deeply sleeping for now.

Could you set the blog to be visible to those without Tumblr accounts?

Re: The state of sample players on Linux

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 3:12 am
by glowrak guy
AnthonyCFox wrote:Oh, Holy Crap! It's been under my nose all this time and I had no idea... Cakewalk Dimension is an SFZ player! Duh...

Digital Sound Factory has thousands of samples for Cakewalk Dimension. I just downloaded DSF's freebie sample pack for Cakewalk Dimension and it works great with Sforzando (the SFZ player I've been using for the last few months).

I've been trying to find quality SFZ libraries for months. I did find one for bass guitar and another for drums, which IMO are the weak points in what Digital Sound Factory has to offer, but not much else. Digital Sound Factory has basically everything else I would want. This is a huge discovery for me. I've been looking into networking a windows machine so I could incorporate Kontakt into my studio. :( This will keep me going for years before I have to consider that option again. :D

The Zampler project has a few gigs of sfz downlods, plus their own player is pretty nice
if you use wine. Nine soundsets to download, should work in
typical sfz loaders, the Waldorf drumkit is quite fun.

Re: The state of sample players on Linux

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 3:51 am
by glowrak guy
If you have a recent wine 3.x, the Sampletank 3 sale is $99 in August,
see the topic in the Marketplace for details, 30 + gig
of samples, encrypted, no sfz, but 16 part multi-timbral,
and unlike Kontakt, the authorization works, and the app runs well
in wine, and probably also when wrapped as native linux vst, using LinVst.