No Budget Orchestra Plugins

Link to good samples/soundfonts at

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Re: No Budget Orchestra Plugins

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I looked but there doesn't seem to be a license with them?
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Re: No Budget Orchestra Plugins

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j_e_f_f_g wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 2:24 am
GMaq wrote: some may prefer one big DL in an Internet cafe
Maybe a 2 CD solution. CD1 is the base system. CD2 is the extras. CD1 would have the base operating system and your current AVL installer. It would need to be installed first.

Then upon the first boot, the user would insert the extras CD2, which "autoruns" this new utility that presents a GUI for the user to check which apps/plugins to install.

An additional benefit is that you can update one CD without necessarily the other. So the operating system can update on a different schedule than the apps/plugins extras.
GMaq wrote: AVL Packages are from their respective sites. So required to consolidate that mess and put it online and maintain it.
Well, I guess you're already doing that in the current DVD. With the new method, all that would be needed is to create a mirror containing the contents of CD2. It would be trivial to have the "extras' install utility" check if it's being run from CD2 or not. If CD2, it pulls files from the CDROM. If not, it "wgets" the files from URLs.

Additionally, if there are binaries (or fully dependency-resolved source code) of certain apps/plugins that are directly downloadable from some web site, then the GUI extras installer can just "wget" them from there, and "dpkg" or "make" or whatever them. So, you wouldn't need to package those yourself (unless you want to make them available on CD2).
In thinking about this and reading it over again... it's starting to reek like wheel re-invention of a Repository system... :lol:

Really if all these things are going to be consolidated and a 'select and install' methodology is employed then they really should just be in a Debian Repository... Everything else is coming on to the system that way why not the extra music stuff..? Then sure, make a base version of AV Linux... Have all the extra stuff in a dedicated Repo (like prolly an OBS, or maybe MX will help out with some of it) and bingo bango... This doesn't require multiple Disc images or 5 ways to procure things or some alternate way of installing stuff... Debian kinda rocks with it's Packaging systems already..

I have scripts I could share with you to make wrapping up Plugin binaries and stuff like sound libs into Deb Packages very simple and truth be told one of my next software projects is to finally get all the extra AVL scripts and utilities into a proper Repo anyway, just like I host your SFZ libs your LV2's could get hosted in a Repo with my stuff too..

Now for the brave/crazy who like to inhabit the wilderness outside of the Debian mothership I suppose your Plugins could continue to reside in my 'sounds' FTP as well. I like your idea but I think bringing everything under a Debian Repository umbrella is the best option for compatibility and longevity. I won't even be thinking about lifting a finger on this until well into the fall... between seasonal work and gigs almost every weekend I'm bizzay enough right now..
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