ChordLooper - Parse & loop chord progressions

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ChordLooper - Parse & loop chord progressions

Post by flappix »

I wrote a simple web based tool to create chord progressions and loop them for improvising / melody writing.
There are already some other solutions out there for this purpose but all of them are facing the issue that it's pretty time consuming to enter some more complex progressions with mixed keys or extended notes. With my tool you can enter just something like Em Esus2 Em Esus4, Cadd#4 Amadd9, F7 E7, B7/C % F#dim D#dim in a text field and are ready to jam.

Would be nice if you want to give it a try:

Source code is available here:

Don't be afraid to post bug reports or feature requests here or in the GitHub issue tracker.
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Re: ChordLooper - Parse & loop chord progressions

Post by tavasti »

Works great!
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