Vinyl Fx Sample

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Vinyl Fx Sample

Post by TAERSH »


I know there's some Vinyl Fx plugins (or similar stuff), though I find them mostly boring.

A few days ago I bought a 10" 45rpm record at Ebay which was really ruined by heavy scratches and deep canyons on the surface. Though, surprise surprise, the B side was empty. But it could be played in complete. So I recorded that empty B side once at 45rpm and another one at 33rpm using Audacity. I combined both recorded waves, reduced the heavy pops and clicks to get the scratches a little more into the front, used some compression, normalized the final wave file to -0.4db and exported it to .wav.

So, if someone might find it useful, here's a 7 Minutes 18 Seconds .wav of very unique Vinyl Fx. Should be easy to fit it into any length to a song. The wave is complete and that says it has the beginning of the record to play (when the needle hits the surface) and also the end of the record to play (when the needle is removed from the surface).

Have Fun!
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Re: Vinyl Fx Sample

Post by milo »

I used the Calf Vinyl plugin on a track once and was pretty happy with the result. But I think this would have been even better. Thanks for sharing this!
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Re: Vinyl Fx Sample

Post by GMaq »


Thanks! I was just making a loops and samples pack and was looking for a better Vinyl sample than I had.. :)
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