KODE example plugins

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KODE example plugins

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KODE example plugins

for quite a long time now, i have been working on my own plugin library/framework, which is meant to simplify the plugin development process, and make it easy to port plugins from other formats (like ladspa or jesusonic) to a format supported by the hosts i use myself.. so i made a bunch of test plugins to see if i were on the right track.. some of these are pretty interesting in themselves, and i thought it would be nice to make them available for other people too, so here they are.. note that they aren't all finished, so some controls doesn't work yet, and some is not calibrated/scaled correctly.. most of them doesn't have a gui yet.. new versions will come..

fx_blur, fx_cabinet, fx_compciter, fx_curve_shaper, fx_dynamic, fx_event_horizon, fx_exciter, fx_exciter2, fx_filter_ms20, fx_gain, fx_gain_gui, fx_gain_gui_cairo, fx_hall_reverb, fx_hard_clipper, fx_hrtf, fx_large_room_reverb, fx_limiter, fx_reverseness, fx_saturation, fx_small_room_reverb, fx_sonic_enhancer, fx_sonic_maximizer, fx_tempo_delay, fx_tilteq, fx_transient, fx_transientkiller

linux, 64bit, sse4, vst2/3

and while you're there, check out my music as well :-)

on my machines they have been pretty stable for a while, and i have used several of them in a lot of ‘real life’ projects myself.. but there’s still things missing, and probably bugs.. so, don’t trust them completely.. they’re more alpha than beta.. or even just tests/prototypes..

there are a bunch more coming, that i haven't finished porting over from older versions of the framework/library yet.. and i also have a long list of jesusonic plugins that i will convert too (https://sites.google.com/site/ccernnaudio/js-plugins), ..

in theory, the framework supports ladspa, dssi and lv2 plugin formats too, and i have some of the basic code included already, but none of these are very high on my priority list.. so we'll see..

each individual .so plugin file actually works as all the supported formats, but some formats requires a specific directory structure or naming scheme, so in the zip file, they're duplicated in the vst2 and vst3 folders to make them easy to set up.. later, i will make a install script that copies the binaries to one place, and then creates symlinks in the different places a host might be looking for plugins..

source code, info, licenses, etc, on github:

let me know...

- tor-helge skei

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