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Re: Gullfoss

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glowrak guy wrote: Sat May 23, 2020 10:21 pm Harrison Mixbus daw could be useful, as your sound can be recorded or
imported into that time-tested console environment, with it's own
useful plugins and capabilities. The price is amazingly low
for the potential and tools, and is often on sale.

You can view a track in audacity, import it to mixbus,
export, and visually/sonically compare the two versions.
Then dig in to the details.

IK Multimedia sell T-racks Sunset Sound Studio,
and Lurssen Mastering Console as plugin suites
with similar purpose, that run in modern
wine/reaper, and when wrapped by LinVst,
may also run in Linux Mixbus, worth trying the demos.

You could have three world-class sound facilities
at your fingertips. Youtube has videos.

Mixbus playlist: ... bZIZYBNht-


Heck yeah Mixbus32C is awesome.. It's what I mix with. One of you guys mentioned the matchering and matching EQ. I think I can use matching EQ to compare it to a song similar to the song I'm mixing and see where cuts and boosts were applied.
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