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Matchering 2.0

Post by milk »

Matchering 2.0 is a novel Containerized Web Application and Python Library for audio matching and mastering. It follows a simple idea - you take TWO audio files and feed them into Matchering: TARGET (the track you want to master, you want it to sound like the reference), and REFERENCE (another track, like some kind of "wet" popular song, you want your target to sound like it). Our algorithm matches both of these tracks and provides you the mastered TARGET track with the same RMS, FR, peak amplitude and stereo width as the REFERENCE track has.

* YouTube: Matchering 2.0 - Open Source Audio Matching and Mastering
* YouTube: Matchering 2.0 - How (not) to Use It
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Re: Matchering 2.0

Post by funkmuscle »

Is this like Landr? Tramp also made a matching EQ.

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Re: Matchering 2.0

Post by Loki Harfagr »

Hey, that's a nice full of promise one! Thanks for the note :)

Just been testing some mix-mastr-blund-unblund and cross-reverse simile and it's a very promising start!
Only some minor 'curiosities' in the overall limiting when using quite extreme refs but that was quite close to the usual matter of don't request your master to sound like Metulucuh when your orig stuff to mixmast is Graemenobad

And in any case that'll give some help and scents on where to start from for the fresh noobies around (as opposed to old noobz as me or I, indeed)

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Re: Matchering 2.0

Post by logicgate »

I installed the command line version of Matchering. It seems to work pretty well after I figured out what options I wanted.

To preserve dynamic range, I use the --no_limiter option and avoid the --dont_normalize option. The --dont_normalize option works opposite of what I expected.

Thanks to the Matchering team for making this available as free software!
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Re: Matchering 2.0

Post by GMaq »


This is very cool! To be honest I wasn't a docker user and kind of didn't want to be bothered installing something from yet another 3rd party repo but I'm glad I did! Great work!

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