Other than Rakarrack and Guitarx?

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Other than Rakarrack and Guitarx?

Post by arpegadream »

I want to learn how to sing. I also want to improve my guitar playing and recording.

I have been trying Rakarrack and plan on trying Guitarx once I figure it out.

What voice training, music training, and what effects/modulation/cabinet/amp softwares are there out there and is the a site that has a major list of such things?

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Re: Other than Rakarrack and Guitarx?

Post by wunder_musiker »

Hi arpegadream,

your thoughts sound quite familiar. I wasted a lot of time with testing applications and forgot about improving my skills. To be fair.
Rakarrack and guitarix are quite good. I got back to them using more or less the presets and ignore the various settings which are overwhelming in the beginning.
Within Guitarix I would go to the bottom left. Presets, then Online and download a couple of presets to test. In case some guitarix plugins are missing add the kxrepositories and download the guitarix plugins. Other than that there is a free version of tonelib around the net from May 2019 I guess. No it is paid. Amplitube 4 has a free version which needs wine installed.

With regards to the voice and training I use sometimes reaper and the reatune fx plugin. Which is the best for training.
Other than that MAutopitch,Visual Vox or Graillon 2. Have a look at VST Plugins in KVRaudio or bedroomproducers.

Have fun

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