BShapr and Carla

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BShapr and Carla

Post by ZestieBumwhig »

I've been enjoying BShapr (and its staccato sibling BSlizr). If you're wondering what those are, see here:

But BShapr has an irksome quirk when I use it in Carla (though not in Ardour/Mixbus). Here, let me just paste in my comment from the github page. I've downloaded a newer version, which updated "the underlying widget TK," and sjaehn cannot reproduce my problem in this version. But I sure can! Have any of you encountered this? Or perhaps there's just something weird with my setup.
When I close the B.Shapr window in Carla, it continues working as expected. But when I re-open it (ie, to change some settings), all of the nodes seem to become inactive. I can grab any node in each scene, and that will "wake up" the curve, but until I do that, the effects are all on but in the initial state.

My envelopes are still there - I can see them - but I need to "wiggle" a node to get the computer to see the envelope. This is true from both "Rack" and "Patchbay" (in Carla).

Everything seems normal in Ardour.

I'm using Carla 2.0.90 in Debian 9.
Any insight is appreciated! Thanks.

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Re: BShapr and Carla

Post by sjaehn »

Thanks for informing that the problem still persists. I've some ideas for a possible cause, but I need further information. Please take a look at .

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