BiasAmp in Linux Wine

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BiasAmp in Linux Wine

Post by JKitt »

Bias Amp 1.6 working as a standalone and vst plugin in Reaper 5.9 using wine. And in Linux Reaper native using LinVST
Standalone works as do the other in jack
Running in AVLinux 2019 on Dell Precision

Unfortunately no luck with Bias Amp 2 of Bias FX 2 if I crack it I'll post it here.
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Re: BiasAmp in Linux Wine

Post by finotti »

I did try Bias AMP 2 with no success: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=18962&p=97026&hili ... amp#p97026

I hope you find a way, though. :-)

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Re: BiasAmp in Linux Wine

Post by AlexTheBassist »

I have a LE license, but still didn't manage to run it. However, BIAS Pedal works well. Use ToneLib GFX instead. It's cheaper and sounds good. The only big downside is that it doesn't have stereo processing for mono parts of the signal chain, so no hassle-less double tracked guitars. Otherwise, it's great.
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Re: BiasAmp in Linux Wine

Post by kulnova »

I install BiasFX with Reaper 6.09. The installation goes smoothly, and the plugin is loaded, but no GUI, so that I can't use it :(
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Re: BiasAmp in Linux Wine

Post by oxez »

I have been running both BiasFX 1 & 2 under wine (with wineasio) without issues. However you have to patch wine. Bias uses something called CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) which has a few issues with wine. BiasFX launches a process called cefprocess.exe, but without --single-process argument it will only show a blank window under wine. So the trick is to force that parameter.

Here's the bug report I filed:

And the latest patch I posted to make it work:

I have .debs built for Ubuntu 20.04 for wine-5.7, if you're interested. I might upload them to my PPA at some point.

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