A question about reverberation effect

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Re: A question about reverberation effect

Post by AlexTheBassist »

If you're not keen on using only open source software, you can try Protoverb by u-He. This one isn't free as in speech, but definitely is a real gem.
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Re: A question about reverberation effect

Post by WforWoollyMammoth »

I think the OP asks valid questions.

It seems that the "best" reverbs for Win / MacOS are done by people that do hardly anything else than reverb plugins. I've followed Sean Costello's posts on Gearslutz and it's pretty clear that he studied reverberation effects for years before he started releasing the plugins on ValhallaDSP. I've also gotten the impression that he's had to finetune the reverbs simply by ear. The basic principles of how, say, a Lexicon algorithm work are widely known, but not really what makes them as good-sounding as they happen to be.

I also agree that open source reverbs do not quite reach the standards set by the "professional" plugins available for Win / MacOS. I've A/B:d pretty much every one of them against the stuff I've used via WINE and there's a difference in how they behave in a mix, how lush the tails are and so on. Bitwig's reverb is the best one I've tried on Linux, although it is a bit too metallic-sounding in the end.

For "subtle" reverbs most are perfectly fine. Zita-Rev1 is good enough for me to use it as my "go-to" reverb when playing hardware keyboards and using JACK for realtime effects. I can also highly recommend the Protoverb plugin, although it's a terrible CPU hog.

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