[Solved]fcb1010, midi and wine

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[Solved]fcb1010, midi and wine

Post by vector »

Hi all,
Having some trouble with a FCB1010 midi hookup to QLCplus light controller.

Learning the fcb1010 with Uno eProm.
I'm having trouble understanding the user manual. So i tried running uno control centre.Which is supposed to make it easier.
While it runs (under wine) the software does not see the fcb. (not connected msg)
I havent tied receiving midi under wine b4.So perhaps something else requires setting.
The fcb is sending midi info. Proven with a keyboard and also with midi monitor[under jack].(see attachment)
But I cant get control centre to see the fcb.(see attachment) I tried ch345(which I usually select under linux software to find the USB-midi device)

any ideas?
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Re: [Solved]fcb1010, midi and wine

Post by khz »

What was the solution?
Can you please share it with other users? Thank you.
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Re: [Solved]fcb1010, midi and wine

Post by ssj71 »

I used a java program before which did the job: http://ripwerxcom.ipage.com/RipwerxFcb1010Editor.html

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