Bad sound when playing Carla plugin through jack transport

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Bad sound when playing Carla plugin through jack transport

Postby bartok » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:50 pm


-Jack 0.4.5
-Ardour 5.12.0
-Carla 1.9.13
-Loopcloud VST

If I simply connect the Loopcloud VST to Ardour via Jack, I can get the sound through Ardour just fine. However, If i sync them through jack transport, sound quality deteririorates substantially, anoying crackling ensues, as if many xruns would be happening consecutively. However, no x-runs shown by qjackctl.

Situation doesn’t improve when increasing frames per period.

What could it be?

Would appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance.


Upon further examination, audio quality seems to improve when increasing buffer size INSIDE Ardour (window>audio/midi config). However even when increased to, say, 4096 samples there is still some crackling. This only happens with Jack Transport. Simple playback of Loopcloud VST theough Ardour works fine with no crackling at all at my usual setup (512 frames per second).

What could be the origin of this discrepancy?

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