Binaural convolution plugin?

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Frank Carvalho
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Binaural convolution plugin?

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Back when I recorded on a mac OX9 machine (pre-2004), I used an interesting free processing program called SoundHack, which had a binaural processing feature, with which I could process a mono sound signal to sound as if it came from anywhere 360 degrees round the head. It also had a feature where you could draw a graph of the position, so it could move the sound around your head over time - a feature I used to have a vocoded voice circle around.
This was not a panning tool, but it would process different frequencies in different ways, with respect to both volume difference and delay, so it was much more like a simulator of a binaural microphone. The result was very convincing indeed, and it is one of those tools that I really miss.

So... in short, my question is, is there an equivalent plugin available for Linux?

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Re: Binaural convolution plugin?

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What you are searching for is a plugin with HRTF (Head Related Transfer Functions) convolution. There is one included in the Zam plugins suite, see ZamHeadX2. I wasn't quite satisfied when I last tried it, and the author was not too. Not sure whether it was improved in the meanwhile. You could also find this interesting: viewtopic.php?t=14354.

By the way, I did a quick search about open source HRTF databases or libraries, and I did found this HOT stuff that maybe some day I will try to turn into a plugin, or maybe some else more skilled will:


I found a list of ambisonic stuff on wikipedia: ... c_software

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