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brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:29 am
by Telover
Hi all,
I don't know if this is the right section or I had to use the samplers and samples one, but anyway,
Does anybody know if there's a brush kit for Hydrogen? I searched the web but I couldn't find any.
Thank you

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:46 pm
by wjl
Good question - I'm interested in that as well, but also couldn't find any.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:43 pm
by Telover
It seems strange to me that with all those vst out there nobody ever made a brush kit. Even just one snare brush, it would be better than nothing.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:23 pm
by wjl
Hmmm - I looked again, and there seem to be some. Haven't tried them yet, maybe you can report about them? ... fnt&ia=web ... fnt&ia=web

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:09 am
by jiff41
Don't know if this is any good? :)
Click on the free stuff & there's one there!.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:15 am
by Telover
Nothing at all.
I've checked the two links.
The stuff in Soniccouture is for different daws; there's only a series or wav files but I don't know if it's possible to use them in H2.
In the other links by wjl there's nothing usable. There's a big collection I've already downloaded once but no brushes at all.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:18 am
by j_e_f_f_g
Go to and download It's sfz format so you can use it with LinuxSampler. Or you can make a hydrogen kit with the wave files.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:39 am
by Telover
Hi Jeff,
Linuxsampler is too complicated for me. But I've checked the tutorial on how to build a new instrument in H2, so I'll try to do it later with the wavs I've downloaded from Soniccouture.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:35 pm
by ssj71
that could be done too using the samples in Jeff's sfz, but its kind of a duplication of effort. You might like using carla to load sfzs. It uses linuxsampler in the background but hides most of the complication.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:01 pm
by Telover
Guys, I'm about building the brush kit finally.
I ask you one favour, that needs a little patience: the free samples by Soniccouture are many and I named them in order to understand what each instrument is.
I've tried to name them the closest to each sound, though not being a drummer I'd need somebody could check it out and see if the names can suit the different instruments fine or a different name would be more appropriate.
Anyways, here are the names of all the free samples contained in the Sample folder within VA Brush Kit by Soniccouture, that's the name of the unzipped file downloaded from their website.
The list features the names in the same order as you find them in the Sample folder:

Crash1BA1 crash wide vel 1
Crash1BA2 crash wide vel 2
Crash1BA3 crash wide vel 3

Crash1BD1 crash narrow vel 1
Crash1BD2 crash narrow vel 2
Crash1BD3 crash narrow vel 3

Crash2BA1 crash long vel 1
Crash2BA2 crash long vel 2
Crash2BA3 crash long vel 3
Crash2BA4 crash long vel 4

Crash2BD1 crash short vel 1
Crash2BA2 crash short vel 2
Crash2BA3 crash short vel 3
Crash2BA4 crash short vel 4

HatBrushChkA1 hat kick close vel 1
HatBrushChkA2 hat kick close vel 2
HatBrushChkA3 hat kick close vel 3

HatBrushChkD1 hat kick halfclose vel 1
HatBrushChkD2 hat kick halfclose vel 2
HatBrushChkD3 hat kick halfclose vel 3

HatBrushClA1 hat brush halfclose vel 1
HatBrushClA2 hat brush halfclose vel 2
HatBrushClA3 hat brush halfclose vel 3
HatBrushClA4 hat brush halfclose vel 4
HatBrushClA5 hat brush halfclose vel 5
HatBrushClA6 hat brush halfclose vel 6
HatBrushClA7 hat brush halfclose vel 7

HatBrushClD1 hat brush close vel 1
HatBrushClD2 hat brush close vel 2
HatBrushClD3 hat brush close vel 3
HatBrushClD4 hat brush close vel 4
HatBrushClD5 hat brush close vel 5
HatBrushClD6 hat brush close vel 6
HatBrushClD7 hat brush close vel 7

HatBrushOpA1 hat brush open vel 1
HatBrushOpA2 hat brush open vel 2
HatBrushOpA3 hat brush open vel 3
HatBrushOpA4 hat brush open vel 4
HatBrushOpA5 hat brush open vel 5
HatBrushOpA6 hat brush open vel 6
HatBrushOpA7 hat brush open vel 7

HatBrushOpD1 hat brush halfopen vel 1
HatBrushOpD2 hat brush halfopen vel 2
HatBrushOpD3 hat brush halfopen vel 3
HatBrushOpD4 hat brush halfopen vel 4
HatBrushOpD5 hat brush halfopen vel 5
HatBrushOpD6 hat brush halfopen vel 6
HatBrushOpD7 hat brush halfopen vel 7

HatBrushSplA1 splash brush side vel 1
HatBrushSplA2 splash brush side vel 2
HatBrushSplA3 splash brush side vel 3

HatBrushSplD1 splash brush top vel 1
HatBrushSplD2 splash brush top vel 2
HatBrushSplD3 splash brush top vel 3

Kik18openA1 kick 18 middle vel 1
Kik18openA2 kick 18 middle vel 2
Kik18openA3 kick 18 middle vel 3
Kik18openA4 kick 18 middle vel 4
Kik18openA5 kick 18 middle vel 5
Kik18openA6 kick 18 middle vel 6

Kik18openD1 kick 18 narrow vel 1
Kik18openD2 kick 18 narrow vel 2
Kik18openD3 kick 18 narrow vel 3
Kik18openD4 kick 18 narrow vel 4
Kik18openD5 kick 18 narrow vel 5
Kik18openD6 kick 18 narrow vel 6

Kik18openR1 kick 18 wide vel 1
Kik18openR2 kick 18 wide vel 2
Kik18openR3 kick 18 wide vel 3
Kik18openR4 kick 18 wide vel 4
Kik18openR5 kick 18 wide vel 5
Kik18openR6 kick 18 wide vel 6

Kik22psoA1 kick 22 middle vel 1
Kik22psoA2 kick 22 middle vel 2
Kik22psoA3 kick 22 middle vel 3
Kik22psoA4 kick 22 middle vel 4
Kik22psoA5 kick 22 middle vel 5
Kik22psoA6 kick 22 middle vel 6

Kik22psoD1 kick 22 narrow vel 1
Kik22psoD2 kick 22 narrow vel 2
Kik22psoD3 kick 22 narrow vel 3
Kik22psoD4 kick 22 narrow vel 4
Kik22psoD5 kick 22 narrow vel 5
Kik22psoD6 kick 22 narrow vel 6

Kik22psoR1 kick 22 wide vel 1
Kik22psoR2 kick 22 wide vel 2
Kik22psoR3 kick 22 wide vel 3
Kik22psoR4 kick 22 wide vel 4
Kik22psoR5 kick 22 wide vel 5
Kik22psoR6 kick 22 wide vel 6

Ride1BrushA1 ride side vel 1
Ride1BrushA2 ride side vel 2
Ride1BrushA3 ride side vel 3

Ride1BrushD1 ride top vel 1
Ride1BrushD2 ride top vel 2
Ride1BrushD3 ride top vel 3

Ride1BrushRoll1A ride roll side vel 1
Ride1BrushRoll2A ride roll side vel 2

Ride1BrushRoll1D ride roll side vel 1
Ride1BrushRoll2D ride roll side vel 2

Ride2BrushA1 ride brush side vel 1
Ride2BrushA2 ride brush side vel 2
Ride2BrushA3 ride brush side vel 3

Ride2BrushD1 ride brush top vel 1
Ride2BrushD2 ride brush top vel 2
Ride2BrushD3 ride brush top vel 3

Snr7BrusHA1 snare narrow hit vel 1
Snr7BrusHA2 snare narrow hit vel 2
Snr7BrusHA3 snare narrow hit vel 3
Snr7BrusHA4 snare narrow hit vel 4
Snr7BrusHA5 snare narrow hit vel 5
Snr7BrusHA6 snare narrow hit vel 6
Snr7BrusHA7 snare narrow hit vel 7

Snr7BrusHD1 snare wide hit vel 1
Snr7BrusHD2 snare wide hit vel 2
Snr7BrusHD3 snare wide hit vel 3
Snr7BrusHD4 snare wide hit vel 4
Snr7BrusHD5 snare wide hit vel 5
Snr7BrusHD6 snare wide hit vel 6
Snr7BrusHD7 snare wide hit vel 7

Snr7BrusPA1 snare wide brush vel 1
Snr7BrusPA2 snare wide brush vel 2
Snr7BrusPA3 snare wide brush vel 3
Snr7BrusPA4 snare wide brush vel 4
Snr7BrusPA5 snare wide brush vel 5
Snr7BrusPA6 snare wide brush vel 6
Snr7BrusPA7 snare wide brush vel 7

Snr7BrusPD1 snare wide brush vel 1
Snr7BrusPD2 snare wide brush vel 2
Snr7BrusPD3 snare wide brush vel 3
Snr7BrusPD4 snare wide brush vel 4
Snr7BrusPD5 snare wide brush vel 5
Snr7BrusPD6 snare wide brush vel 6
Snr7BrusPD7 snare wide brush vel 7

TomB10inA1 tom 10 narrow vel 1
TomB10inA2 tom 10 narrow vel 2
TomB10inA3 tom 10 narrow vel 3
TomB10inA4 tom 10 narrow vel 4
TomB10inA5 tom 10 narrow vel 5

TomB10inD1 tom 10 wide vel 1
TomB10inD2 tom 10 wide vel 2
TomB10inD3 tom 10 wide vel 3
TomB10inD4 tom 10 wide vel 4
TomB10inD5 tom 10 wide vel 5

TomB12inA1 tom 12 narrow vel 1
TomB12inA2 tom 12 narrow vel 2
TomB12inA3 tom 12 narrow vel 3
TomB12inA4 tom 12 narrow vel 4
TomB12inA5 tom 12 narrow vel 5

TomB12inD1 tom 12 wide vel 1
TomB12inD2 tom 12 wide vel 2
TomB12inD3 tom 12 wide vel 3
TomB12inD4 tom 12 wide vel 4
TomB12inD5 tom 12 wide vel 5

TomB14inA1 tom 14 narrow vel 1
TomB14inA2 tom 14 narrow vel 2
TomB14inA3 tom 14 narrow vel 3
TomB14inA4 tom 14 narrow vel 4
TomB14inA5 tom 14 narrow vel 5

TomB14inD1 tom 14 wide vel 1
TomB14inD2 tom 14 wide vel 2
TomB14inD3 tom 14 wide vel 3
TomB14inD4 tom 14 wide vel 4
TomB14inD5 tom 14 wide vel 5

TomB16inA1 tom 16 narrow vel 1
TomB16inA2 tom 16 narrow vel 2
TomB16inA3 tom 16 narrow vel 3
TomB16inA4 tom 16 narrow vel 4
TomB16inA5 tom 16 narrow vel 5

TomB16inD1 tom 16 wide vel 1
TomB16inD2 tom 16 wide vel 2
TomB16inD3 tom 16 wide vel 3
TomB16inD4 tom 16 wide vel 4
TomB16inD5 tom 16 wide vel 5

I've only understood for certain instruments, ex. the ride, if a hit has been given on the top or on the side of the cymbal.
For other instruments I've tried to represent the type of sound, if narrow, wide, and so on.
As soon as I'll have any feedback, I'll start building the kit.
Thank you all

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 10:18 am
by Telover
Folks, I've created the drumkit but there's a problem: I cannot export it to share it with anybody.
I've also post in the H2 forum but that forum appears to be more dead than alive.
So, did anybody ever created a kit? I followed the manual but in the end, even though I exported the one I created, when I start H2 again and try to load it, nothing happens.
So if anybody ever did, it'd would be quite useful to know how he exported/saved/created the new library.
Thank you.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:38 pm
by milo
I got this working. Here were my steps:

1) Download from
2) Download this script:
3) Unzip both files, then open the BrushKit directory in a terminal window.
4) Run this command: flac *.wav
5) Run this command: ../makeh2kit-master/makeh2kit (This assumes that you downloaded and unzipped the two files into the same directory.)
6) Go to Hydrogen and choose Instruments > Import Library. Click on the Local File tab, then browse to the BrushKit directory, where you will find BrushKit.h2drumkit.


Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:41 am
by marcellendi
Hi Milo,

Can you share the compiled BrushKit.h2drumkit to this forum?


Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:33 pm
by milo
The file is too large to attach. Try following the instructions on my previous post. It's not as hard as it looks. :)

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere.

Re: brush kit for Hydrogen?

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:59 am
by milo
Here's a song I just finished using the brush kit in Hydrogen: Enjoy!