JuceOPLVSTi update

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JuceOPLVSTi update

Post by davephillips »


A quick note to mention that the JuceOPLVSTi plugin now includes a Load .SBI Instrument function. Works a charm, definitely upgrades this synth's value thanks to the hundreds of presets included with the source code.

Build notes: The build process has been improved, just run your JUCE Projucer/Introjucer on the plugin .jucer file, configure as needed for a Linux makefile, save, quite, and make as usual for a JUCE plugin project.

Tested in Bitwig 1.3.11. Preset loading was fast and glitchless, even mid-playback. Nice. I foresee much fun this afternoon.



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Re: JuceOPLVSTi update

Post by akiz »

Maybe more info or .deb package for linux begginers?
ive got installed old compiled juce version from deb.

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