Drumgizmo velocity issues

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Re: Drumgizmo velocity issues

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chaot4 wrote:@jmpr: Great! I'm looking forward to your results.

@funkmuscle: There is a new video on libremusicproduction where it is shown how to route DG in Muse. He uses Carla for that. It is also rather quick&dirty as he does the final mix in Ardour and does it "right" there. Still, I thought it might help you: https://youtu.be/PFOUnyH3irU?t=14m46s

chaot4 I'm in conversation with Michael on Facebook about that video as i'm replying here... :D
I did send it to Deva yesterday in IRC also.. He has made DG kits from multi-velocity samples he bought by just creating the xml files.
He'll be showing me tomorrow how he did it as I'd love to do that with the Salamander kit.. Deva also asked if I could get in touch with the dude who made the Salamander samples for the raw samples and if yeah, I can use dgedit to chop it up and make the kit.

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