Looking for a lookahead sidechain gate plugin

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Looking for a lookahead sidechain gate plugin

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I'm trying to get a "auto duck" effect in Ardour first for podcasting, but later on probably as a seperate effect for live broadcastng.

The main goal is to make background music play much louder when the voice is silent, but to atenuate quickly when something is being said.

I thougt that having a gate with significant lookahead (50-150 ms) could make a really good effect. Audacity does this very well, but it can't work for live or anything.

Also the problm is, the plugin would need 2 inputs (1 stereo input for teh actual signal, plus one stereo/mono input for the sidechain - voice that would control the gate's beaviour).

Is there anyhting like this in the LADSPA / LV2 universe already?

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Re: Looking for a lookahead sidechain gate plugin

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Calf Sidechain Gate

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Re: Looking for a lookahead sidechain gate plugin

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I don't know any with a significant lookahead. As a workaround you could just use a typical sidechain comp with a long attack and decay and have 2 copies of the triggering signal (the dialogue of the podcast). One copy actually plays the other is 150ms ahead and triggers the compressor.

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