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Save issues on Calf Multiband Gate and EQxxQ

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:30 pm
by Frank Carvalho
This weekend, I've been very happy with the Calf Expander/Gate. I had some old reels of tape with recordings of great value to me. But they have always been incredibly noisy, as they are cassette 4-track mixdowns to reel 2-track, and not always recorded with the best possible dynamics. After a brief search I found the Calf Multiband Expander/Gate, and that really saved the day. After tweaking the parameters for a while, I was able to almost eliminate the tape hiss on these recordings, with very little damage to the high end.

But... Why doesn't it allow me to save the settings :twisted: ? To at least capture the settings I had to make a screen dump of the GUI window, so I can reproduce them! So, if the authors Markus Schmidt or Damien Zammit read this, please add a save capability.

Similarly, I really love the LV2 effects of the EQxxQ-series. Really good. But I also have save problems with those. I tweak a lot of things, and more often than not, I tweak the Q-value. Then I typically save the settings. Unfortunately it seems that this setting, and a few others on these EQ-plugins do not survive save/open in Ardour 2.8 (I haven't tested Ardour 3). I don't really know if this is a message to the author, Pere Rafals Soler, or a message to Dave who makes Ardour, but there seems to be something missing in the save and restore functionality between the two. I really would love to see a fix of that, as every time I re-open a project, I have to go through all the EQxxQ-effects, and actively load my settings.

Finally, I have experienced some GUI-issues with the EQxxQ plugins in Ardour 3, as the interface graphics get all weird.