Best current Ubuntu for KXStudio

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Re: Best current Ubuntu for KXStudio

Post by khz »

lilith wrote:That's great! So you didn't uminstall anything and left also the kxstudio repo in the source list?
I had not installed any packages from the backports in Debian Stretch.
I would not update with a system relevant package from the backports such as a kernel.
I would always boot and update with the original Debian Stretch kernel or the original Debian Stretch RT kernel.
The "kxstudio-repos_9.5.1~kxstudio3_all.deb" and the "kxstudio-repos-gcc5_9.5.1~kxstudio3_all.deb"
(Gentoo is currently running gcc-9.1.0-r1 ( by the way ;-)) are installed and have no problems at all with dist-upgrade.
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Re: Best current Ubuntu for KXStudio

Post by Linuxmusician01 »

milo wrote:I have a lot of things installed from the KX repositories: ALSA, jackd2, Amsynth, guitarix, qjackctl, hydrogen, lmms, calf-plugins, zynaddsubfx, etc. It's all running fine. Here's Carla:
Thanks man. I think that we can safely conclude that KXStudio works just fine in Ubuntu 19!

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