Kubuntu/AVLinux with KXStudio Repos?

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Kubuntu/AVLinux with KXStudio Repos?

Post by siabost9deas »

Hi all,

One of the great things about KXStudio is its Cadence suite of tools especially Claudia - the way connections/patches should be made in audio. Simple drag to connect AND you can save you various arrangements (studios).

I run the current KXStudio on my main set-up along with an M-Audio 1010LT card (and all works well) but I have acquired a small form factor Intel i3 PC, connected by firewire to a Roland Edirol FA-66 soundcard, with which I'm experimenting. KXStudio is at the moment based on Ubuntu 14.04LTS with KDE4 on top. Sometime in the future I understand that will move to Ubuntu 18.04 & Plasma 5.

As I wish this PC to be used as a day-to-day machine as well as a studio, I have so far experimented with Kubuntu 18.04 + KXStudio Repos + the standard Ubuntu Low-Latency Kernel. All seemed to work well other than I had an issue with saving Claudia studios as Kubuntu/Plasma adds some unusual characters (%26) at the start of the file name causing jack crashes when recalling studios (work-around was to rename the files to reflect what Claudia was looking for).

I've since tried AVLinux with KXStudio repos in order to be able to use the Cadence suite of tools....

Anyway, my question is, before I disappear down too many rabbit holes, is there an advantage to going with an up-to-date distro + KXStudio repos or should I stick to the official KXStudio distro until the new version comes along? And if the up-to-date distro, which one (note-I do like Plasma 5)? And are there any issues to be expected?

Dell Optiplex 390 i3 with 4Gb memory & 480Gb SSD
Iocrest Firewire PCIe Card with Texas Instruments 400/800 chip
Roland Edirol Firewire FA-66 Soundcard.

Many thanks.

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Re: Kubuntu/AVLinux with KXStudio Repos?

Post by lilith »

There's no advantage except that it's not much work to add the repos to an existing distribution and you will learn how to do it on your own (with help from here). ;)

And of course you are much more flexible as you can choose what you like.

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