Carla fails to resize the window of ReaPlugs VSTs

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Carla fails to resize the window of ReaPlugs VSTs

Postby ici » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:59 am


I am coming from this guy's tutorial: (Real-Time Mic Static/Noise Removal Tutorial)

The problem I'm having is the window of Reaper's ReaPlugs plugins is too small and there's no way I can resize it.
Take a look, in comparison to when they're loaded in another host such as FL Studio:

When loaded in Carla:

When loaded in FL:

The VST plugins in question:

What I've tried:
- older versions of the plugins
- right clicking -> Show Custom UI
- running Carla as administrator / compatibility modes
- settings -> engine -> make plugin UIs appear on top of Carla

None of that has actually solved my issue hence I've come here for help. Maybe you guys know how to solve this or else I'm left to think it's a potential bug. I am currently using FL as the host but I want to switch to Carla because I feel like it's lighter and I just wanna try using something new.

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Re: Carla fails to resize the window of ReaPlugs VSTs

Postby falkTX » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:32 pm

This is a known issue.
VSTs do not allow to resize their UI from the host, at least by default.

I need to implement a custom VST extension by cockos (reaper devs) to support this, which is not done yet.

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