linuxsampler LV2 not loading after saving.

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alex stone
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linuxsampler LV2 not loading after saving.

Postby alex stone » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:47 am

I've just updated Carla, and started experimenting with linuxsampler as a plugin inside the Carla host once again. Nothing like persistence is there.

Firstly, Carla doesn't see LS DSSI or LS VST. The first you've already stated you blacklisted, and after watching terminal output while carla refreshes, it seems linuxsampler VST has suffered the same fate. I don't understand this one at all.

So i'm left with LS LV2, which loaded immediately, and i began loading instruments into the 16 channels it gives me, using Fantasia as the GUI. So far so good. I then save the instance as a preset, I then close the instance, and Carla, then open it again, and all the settings are gone. No instruments at all. No loading, no nothing except a preset name, and an empty channel.

Maybe i'm missing something here, but is this a bug, or a deliberate decision to limit Carla to loading single instrument sample files per strip, using it's own implementation of liblinuxsampler?
If a user loads 25-30 individual instruments in the rack for a project, i would understand, but i'm using 400-500 loaded for projects, and the linuxsampler vst and DSSI plugins allowed me to do that in a reasonable fashion, 16 at a time per strip, for a given instrument. (1st violins, 2nd violins, etc)

If it's a bug then i'm hopeful it'll get fixed soon.

If it's a design decision, then i'm somewhat bewildered with the direction Carla seems to be taking.


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Re: linuxsampler LV2 not loading after saving.

Postby falkTX » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:43 pm

Carla needs to blacklist linuxsampler because it already includes it.
If a linuxsampler plugin is loaded, this will generate random issues due to symbol conflicts.
The missing of save state might be such case.

As it is now, liblinuxsampler when used inside carla is not the most stable thing...
Allowing to load external linuxsampler would only make it worse.
I will have to find a way to put all linuxsampler codebase inside a custom namespace, so that class and function names never clash.
Also to finalize linuxsampler integration.
Until that happens, it needs to blacklist linuxsampler to prevent random crashes.

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