qtractor not showing in launcher

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qtractor not showing in launcher

Post by wolftune »

Maybe this is a bug to report at the repo issues on GitHub…

Qtractor is installed, but I can only start it from CLI or Claudia Launcher. I don't see it in krunner or my application menu etc.

I'm using KXStudio with KDE Neon
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Re: qtractor not showing in launcher

Post by Shupacabras »

XFCE does not show

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Re: qtractor not showing in launcher

Post by MrZed »

Same problem here ... no Qtractor launcher in the apps menu (Xubuntu 16.04 & other XFCE distros) ... just to let you know that Giada suffers from the same issue. I ended up creating my own Whisker Menu launchers. No prob for a seasoned Linux user, but certainly a surprise for any newbie.

Thanks to Falktx for providing us with updated versions of wonderful Linux Audio software! :D

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