Cadence not running at all after fresh KXStudio install

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Cadence not running at all after fresh KXStudio install

Post by racoon_22 »

Hey y'all, so I just installed KXstudo on my laptop because I am looking for software I can use for recording as well as live audio-signal processing. I am pretty new to linux but done some general research already. Unfortunately a lot of things are just not working and I can't find out the reason why.

To start with, Cadence is not starting up at all. It shows up in the task bar for a moment as if it's gonna startup, but then disappears again, same goes for Claudia and Catia and also for JACK RACK.

JACK keyboard gives the error: 'Could not connect to the JACK server; run jackd first?'
Claudia Launcher gives the error: 'JACK is not started! Please start it first, then re-run Claudia-Launcher again.'

I ran all the package updates in Synaptic Package Manager and ran the 'Force reset of all settings' option in the Welcome setup. I ran 'Run jackd' in the Kickoff app Launcher (start menu) but still nothing.... :/

I don't get any wiser reading the Installation guide on the KXStudio webpage and haven't found any similar problems from other users on this forum. So I really hope someone can tell me what is the what here... it would be very much appreciated!

Oh btw, I installed the KXStudio version on an SSD-drive of a Lenovo Ideapad in a partition next to the original Windows 10 system.

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Re: Cadence not running at all after fresh KXStudio install

Post by Pablo »


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and press Enter in a terminal window. An error message should appear in the terminal which will help to resolve the issue.

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Re: Cadence not running at all after fresh KXStudio install

Post by samuelzen »

Hello, I also have a similar issue. After a recent update, cadence no long works in Linuxmint 18.1 XFCE 64bit. It doesn't start at all. When I try to launch it in the terminal I get a "Segmentation fault" error. I am not sure if this is helpful, but I have attached the output of strace with the cadence command.

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Re: Cadence not running at all after fresh KXStudio install

Post by Blinkd »

Does this count as a necro? :-P

First of all, thanks falkTX for all your hard work and for your awesome repo and tools. Cadence, Catia, and your repo will always be on any system I run.

Anyways, I encountered this problem just now: immediate segmentation faults when trying to run Cadence.

I was trying to get something to work yesterday that required PyQt5 for Python3, which I installed using pip3. Uninstalling using pip3 wasn't possible, but manually deleting the PyQt5 module ("rm -r PyQt5" in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages) fixed the segmentation faults.

Thanks again, and I hope this helps.

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