cadence and pulseaudio not working well

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Re: cadence and pulseaudio not working well

Post by sysrqer »

Yes, you want to enable the option in qjackctl to start when opened. Then you can add qjackctl as a start up program - I haven't used Cinnamon but it should be fairly easy to do.

If you had cadence installed then you probably have the pulseaudio-module-jack package installed and it should all just work.

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Re: cadence and pulseaudio not working well

Post by b.horn99 »

Alright, thank you so much for your help man.
I'm gonna make a clean install of my OS and setup everything.
I'll hit you up if I ran into a problem again :wink:
By the way, I just discovered this new Ubuntu Studio Controls, it looks promising! ... ioControls

Happy new year!
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Re: cadence and pulseaudio not working well

Post by thetotalchaos »

Hi guys,
Cadence does not expect another process to manipulate pulseaudio. In 80% of the desktop environments and contemporary Linux distributions, systemd starts a pulseaudio.service that makes sure that is pulseaudio is started and always running. I wrote a workaround of this issue here: ... 27&t=17780

In the latest Cadence from LibraZiK 3 beta repository, there is a very valuable option to define how many I/O channels pulseaudio connects to jack. Finally a peaceful running of my 8channel sound card Asus Xonar D2X. Strongly recommending it for a Linux user, because it doesn't rely on software effects to make its sound right. ...Like you know... Sound Blasters :lol: :roll:
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