KXStudio 14.04 + Scarlett 6i6 + AMD Driver Issue

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KXStudio 14.04 + Scarlett 6i6 + AMD Driver Issue

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Hi, I recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and would like to use it in KXStudio 14.04 (64-bit) but I'm running into a couple of issues.

The 6i6 requires a more recent version of the kernel than the one which ships with KXStudio, so I installed linux-lowlatency-lts-xenial from the repos. That got the 6i6 working, but then I discovered that the proprietary AMD graphics driver had stopped working. I really need the proprietary driver to control my APU (CPU + GPU on one chip) otherwise JACK DSP load fluctuates far too much.

Will I have to compile the AMD driver from source? In which case, does linux-libc-dev need to be the same version as the kernel? The most recent version of linux-libc-dev availabel on Trusty is 3.13.0 whereas linux-lowlatency-lts-xenial is at version 4.4.0.
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