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14 lowlatency kernal/14.04 repository install documentation

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:32 pm
by Alwaysanewb
First what's the command line for the low latency kernal in 14.04? I just reinstalled i'm doing dual boot now and have an ubuntu 14.04 that is burning and turning on one ssd and another I just installed kxstudio from the repos but can't find the command line for the Low Latency kernal. I know I had one on my last instal of 14.04. So I'm pretty sure it's out there.

Second there is really no documentation for installing kxstudio from the repositorys for ubuntu 14.04 or it's varients. I have had to basically get a shovel and dig it out of google searches. I understand everyone is busy working on different aspects of kxstudio with documentaion and stuff or busy with life in general but there is a lot of musicians that are going to have just installed ubuntu or linux mint 14.04 installed as their first linux install that are going to be looking for a solution to record and make music with. And with the options of either reinstalling a new distro or not being able to find documentation for installing via command line on 14.04, they will probably just opt for screw around with an ubuntu variant for web search and record at there friends house on windows or a mac.

Just a suggestion but having the install documentaion really easy to find on the kxstudio webpage on sourceforge might be a good idea. If Falktx will do the links to get there I can just redo the HTML from the <!------Begin Content Area -------->on this page. I'm looking at the source right now and just copy paste it into gedit ... ry:Upgrade to make if fit for 14.04 and change one line above it for the header to say documentation:repositoys:upgrade 14.04 variants or something to that effect or Falktx can just label it how ever he wants.

I can also do a page for linux audio wiki but:
1. It looks like I would have to contact them to be able to make a page on there.
2. I think either danboid or wolftune or both have done all the documentaion for kxstudio on so far so I would want to create the page with just the instructions on the install and have them make that fit into their documentaion and their way of doing things with the header/pagename/label that they would prefer than just trying to create an random page out of context or not fitting with they way things are getting done now.
3. Not sure how to make a page there. If it's just basic fill in the blank or basic html/css I can probably handle that.

I mean if It's thought not needed, or it's not a good idea, or for some reason someone else should be doing it, or there is a better way of doing things it's not a big deal. If It would be a help though I'm pretty sure I can do that part of the documentaion. I mean if it's not going to just create more work for someone else/step on someones toes/ or if it would just be me being a nusance and getting in the way of the contributers already working on the webpage/documentation/etc etc etc..... I don't mind that. If anyone would find that helpful. I'm going to reinstall sometime soon when 14.04.1 comes out anyway so I could just do the documentaion then.

Re: 14 lowlatency kernal/14.04 repository install documentat

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:38 am
by Alwaysanewb
Much appreciated. I've never done any code for anyone else before so Sign up for gethub and work my way through how things are done and I'll do my best to follow the format of the code all ready there and try to make it look basically the same and as clean as possible. I'll do my best to get that done by the end of the week.

Re: 14 lowlatency kernal/14.04 repository install documentat

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:29 am
by bazsound
a usefull tool to use in the command line if you are unsure of the package name is

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apt-cache search
This will search the the repository packages.

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apt-cache search linux-lowlatency