Connections in Linux

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Connections in Linux

Post by Qualitymix »

Part of the bane of Linux audio (admittedly a rather large bane) is this entire concept of needing to plug in, one by one, left and right channels in programs like patchbay and catia and claudia and carla. I mean, I find it rather intuitive, and I know that saving your sessions permanantly saves your connections so you only have to make them once. However, as I've been getting to know Ardour 3 better and better, I'm rather enjoying their take on connection managment. My question for you falkTX, is if it might be possible to develop and integrate a simple connection manager like the one in Ardour. There is something better I think, in not needing to drag and drop a little cable, but rather simply click once and be connected, or even better, setup quick connects that allow the user to define preset groupings of ins and outs. IE: I just inserted my LinuxSampler instrument and maybe part of the interface in carla could be a drop down box for pre defined inputs, and then a dropdown for predefined outputs. Just thinking of ways of making the general workflow for us Linux guys a bit more, flowy. 8) I am aware that there are many ways around needing to slowly connect each cable to where you want it to go. But I don't see anything really practical that is already implemented in existing software that deals with connection managment. Except for Ardour's connection manager.

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Re: Connections in Linux

Post by TheSafePlaces »

Have a gander at this thread, discussing roughly the same 'issue' - ... 47&t=10760
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Re: Connections in Linux

Post by ToddMWorth »

Those grid patchbays are great.... When you don't have too many I/O channels. Then, they become horrible.

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