Carla question

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Carla question

Post by Qualitymix »

Hey falkTX, I had a quick question about Carla. How does she load the sample files? I'd assumed through LinuxSampler, but when I pull up QSampler front-end, I don't see any channels. Just wondering, because I use a fairly out-dated PC for what I do, and I need to natively be able to load samples and trigger them, which works fantastic in Carla and LinuxSampler. But I'm always looking for ways to make this process more take up less resources so I can do more at once, and avoid xruns, which is my bane right now. I only have 2gigs of ram :( . Doin' pretty well though, can manage a 2.23ms latency almost always.

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Re: Carla question

Post by gazpacho »

Its great that carla loads soundfonts, less clutter in the workspace. I've tried it with FluidR3_GM soundfont and it goes very well, only DSP loads up when chorus is activated, although I dont hear the effect. The reverb is wonderful.
I also discovered "FluidR3_GM (16 channel)" which produces two channel audio output for each of the 16 midi channels, so the audio of each midi channel can be "wired" to an effect in catia, and then to the jack server soundcard playback. The funny thing is I created a bridge (alsaoutnvidia) to my unused onboard card (not under jack) to show its playback ports inside catia patchbay with:

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alsa_in -j "alsaoutnvidia" -d hw:NVidia -q 1 2>&1 > /dev/null
and then "wired" a pair of audio channels belonging to a midi channel in FluidR3_GM to an effect, and then to this "alsaoutnvidia", and it works!. Amazing posibilities, like outputing at will instruments separately to several soundcards, and then all to a hardware mixer, or whatever. It's rewarding having this flexibility after the steep learning curve joining all the pieces involved in kxstudio.

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Re: Carla question

Post by ToddMWorth »

Yup, that's how I do local monitoring when I'm using the net backend :)

It's rewarding having this flexibility after the steep learning curve joining all the pieces involved
New guys should read this quote over and over. :D

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Re: Carla question

Post by lilakmonoke »

resurrecting this thread because thats exactly what im figuring out at the moment. no problem with the learning curve here ;-)

i produce all my music with samples that go through analog eurorack filter etc. modules. here is an example what this sounds like ... ... finisterra

so i need a sampler that has seperate audio outs for each instruments, about 4-8. qsampler can do all that but somehow i cant read in any saved presets and loads of other problems. petrifoo is great but no seperate outs. i just started to figure out carla and there is fluidsynth but that only gives me one instrument per instance and all on the same midi channel. what would be a good front end for linuxsampler for that? as simple as possible but seperate outs per instruments/midichannel?

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