Audio Recorder

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Audio Recorder

Post by hebjuzeb »

I have VirtualRecorder on my phone and it works very, very well for acoustic-level recordings. The boost function is nice, and overall sound is great. However, even with boost off and limiter on, trying to record a band at full volume is impossible, all you get is fuzz.

Anyone know of an app that can take high volume levels? (BTW my phone's an HTC Sensation, maybe it's a hardware limitation?)
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Re: Audio Recorder

Post by slowpick »

maybe try with the limiter off, booster on, and a variety of padded/acoustic receptacles
to act as volume filters/modifiers. There may be a narrow recording range for which the
hardware was designed. Can the fuzz recording be induced when recording output of
home stereo speakers at listening volume, of similar material?

Cardboard box from 3-inch wooden matchsticks, might be a good size, add some foam padding,
vary the opening size, direction etc

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Re: Audio Recorder

Post by bazsound »

The limitation is probably more to do with the tiny little contact picup on the phone rather than android or the application, though it would be nice to be able to adjust the microphone level as it may help somewhat.

If its distorted then your probably at the limit of what the mic on your phone can handle. for live situations you really need a mic that can handle above 100 db ideally 110db.

there are however microphone attachments that you can get for some phones.

I though have seen some video footage of live gigs though from phones that had surprisingly good audio, but as being a live sound engineer i know what those little mics are and what they generally can and cant handle.

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Re: Audio Recorder

Post by autostatic »

A bit of an old thread but I can recommend TapeMachine:

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Re: Audio Recorder

Post by Mr.Miles »

I had some struggles trying to get undistorted audio into my Samsung S2 over the past few weeks also. I wanted to shoot some live footage of my new band.
I wound up solving the issue simply by hooking up a dynamic mic (in this case an Audio-Technica ATM650, which is fairly similar to an SM57) through a Lo-Z to Hi-Z transformer, and through a couple of splitters including a TRRS-to-split-microphone/headphone adaptor.
It worked great. I did find a reference to wiring in a capacitor to increase the input impedance of the system (and therefore the low end) but I didn't find it really needed much more with the dynamic mic. A bit of eq'ing in post seems to be enough.

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