Hearing Saver - fix that annoying volume issue in 4.x

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Hearing Saver - fix that annoying volume issue in 4.x

Post by danboid »

Top Android tip!

One of the main uses of my phone is as a music playback device. Unfortunately, since Android 4.2 or so, the world's most popular OS has gained the annoying 'feature' of reducing the volume level to the half-way mark (in the supposed interest of protecting your hearing) as soon as you plug some earphones in. Very annoying, nanny computing nonsense to say the least!

You can prevent this highly irritating behaviour by installing the rather sarcastically titled app 'Hearing Saver' which lets you choose the volume level you want set when you (un)plug something into the mini jack socket with no nags or readjustment of volume.

As a side note, its about the only app I've ever installed from Google Play that doesn't have any requirements along the lines of 'This app demands access to your personal pics, your life history, your first-born's right leg, your last Rolo and will enslave your hamsters' etc etc. Nice change!
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Re: Hearing Saver - fix that annoying volume issue in 4.x

Post by Fozzy »

I beg to differ. Annoying or not, I think it is a sensible and responsible measure on the part of Android to prevent damage to hearing. What could be more precious to a musician than their hearing? You don't know what you've got 'til its gone (or damaged).

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